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THE ancient noble family of Von. Humboldt had Its
origin in Pomcrama, \vliorc it formerly possessed
oBtatos, nituatod in the principality of Gamin, and in
the ditttriot of Now Stettin- But at the time "when
PruHrtia obtained I>OSMCHHIOIX of these parts, descendants
of this old family nerved the margraves of Bran den-
burp; on diplomatic and military expeditions; and the
family removed from Pomcrania to near Magdeburg,
where it became poHsoHHod of additional estates,
Buring the lite of Frederic William the First, a
captain liana Paul von Humboldt served in. his army,
and married the daughter of the Prussian major and
general adjutant, Von Sehwedor, He had three sons
by her, one of whom, Alexander George, IB of par-
ticular interest, aB he was the father of the celebrated
The baron Alexander George yon Humboldt, born
in 1720, serf ed for a long time In a dragoon regiment,
vfiMA then made major, and, during the seven years'
war, adjutant to duke Frederic of Brunswick, who
frequently sctofe Mm with verbal embassies to Erederic
tho Groat, Major von Humboldt was inheritor of
Hadereleben, and Ringeslfeben, and subsequently toofc